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Indiegogo Project

by Britten Leigh Wolfe March 29, 2016

Help Create Britten Couture Home 3D Printed Table Jewelry

With a comprehensive and successful table linen collection, available at stores such as Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman and Gracious Home, the obvious next products should be napkin rings!

After a year and a half of 2 failed manufacturing attempts overseas, she thought she had hit a major stumbling block. However, over a glass of red wine with her best friend, a innovative idea was born. Britten thought she might hit up a buddy who had a 3D printer to help produce some prototypes, but her friend suggested to check out a company that could manufacture products in all sorts of materials at reasonable cost and in the United States. Eureka!

The 3D printing company has a network of designers that could help transform Britten's 2D sketches into 3D files. After a little research and comparison, she found the perfect designer who understood exactly how to execute Britten's vision.

Renderings of 3D printed table jewelry:

Joey Napkin RingSmith Street large bowlAd-Rock Napkin RingCourt Street small bowlPatti Napkin RingCyndi napkin ring to be used with charms

Britten hopes to raise funds to contribute to Phase 1: the costs of labor and production of 3D prototypes($3500) and eventually, mass production ($18000 including shipping and taxes), as well as, photography for catalogs and printed materials ($5000).

This 3D printing process has never been used in the major tabletop market. How exciting to have the chance to be a part of something so innovative?! Britten hopes you will and is grateful for even taking the time to read this proposition.

Click to find out more and make a pledge.

Here is a link to a video about 3D printing:

How Metal 3D Printing Works

Britten Leigh Wolfe
Britten Leigh Wolfe