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Park Avenue Linen Dinner Napkin

Park Avenue is comprised of handmade pure linen napkins in over 50 unique color combinations. The contrasting tones range from neutral to bold, a nod to Britten's love for country and city living.

Dinner Napkins. 21"x21".

Also available:
Cocktail Napkins. 6"x6".
Linen Placemats, 14" x 20".

*Please Contact Us for more availability or custom orders.

Autumn Green with Cool Blue Trim
Autumn Green with Dark Teal Trim
Autumn Green with Lavender Trim
Aqua with Limedrop Trim
Aqua with Hot Pink Trim
Black with Gold Trim
Black with Steel Grey Trim
Black with White Trim
Burgundy with Holly Green Trim
Burgundy with Salmon Trim
Cool Blue with Seafoam Trim
Cool Blue with Bubblegum Pink Trim
Cream with Blue Ice Trim
Cream with Salmon Trim
Cream with White Trim
Lavender with Seafoam Trim
Lavender with White Trim
Oatmeal with Bubblegum Pink Trim
Oatmeal with Cool Blue Trim
Oatmeal with Navy Trim
Oatmeal with Purple Trim
Oatmeal with Southern Red Trim
Oatmeal with Silver Trim
Oatmeal with Teal Trim
Pumpkin with Hot Pink Trim
Purple with Cool Blue Trim
Purple with Electric Teal Trim
Purple with Hot Pink Trim
Red with Hot Pink Trim
Red with Orange Trim
Red with Walnut Trim
Salmon with Burgundy Trim
Salmon with Lavender Trim
Salmon with Seafoam Trim
Salmon with Sunlight Trim
Salmon with White Trim
Sandalwood with Blue Trim
Sandalwood with Red Trim
White with Beige Trim
White with Black Trim
White with Blue Ice Trim
White with Gold Trim
White with Holly Green Trim
White with Lavender Trim
White with Silver Trim
White with Southern Red Trim
White with Salmon Trim
Grey with White Trim

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